I got my parents’ support

When I decided to go to college my parents said they would give me full support and would cover all my education expenses as long as I kept getting good grades like I did in high school. I think they wouldn’t give me this financial support if they didn’t trust me or if they didn’t trust that I would do my best. They offered to pay me rent to live near school but I thought it was a waste of money since my parents’ house is only 30 minutes of public transports away from school. Also I’m a really proud person sometimes, so I feel kind of bad for taking so much from them. Therefore, I live in my parents’ house and go to college by bus everyday.

If I stayed in a dorm or shared a flat, I would be paying much more money than I pay now for the bus ticket. In my college, it’s a bit strange that people from far (apparently they consider 30 minutes far away) don’t live in a flat near the school. At least everyone get’s surprised when I say that I make a half an hour trip to school everyday when the only thing they have to do is walk 5 minutes to get to class. I mean, it would be much easier if I did that too, but I wouldn’t feel good about myself.

Here in Portugal, underprivileged students also get scholarships that pay all their expenses but only if they prove they have a low income. But I guess that happens in every country.

Greetings from Portugal



  1. Laura Fries says:

    Hi Claudia!
    My parents are doing it the same way. I feel so thankful to have such an great support from home.
    We are lucky!
    The difference is that I had no chance to stay at my parents’ house as my workplace is about 2 1/2 hours away. (I think that’s what your school mates consider as far too :D)
    I still have to overcome a distance every day. It takes me almost an hour for one way.

    Are you using your time productively?
    I like to read a lot in train and also spend some time by learning or just listening to music (especially when I’m very tired).

    Looking forward to read more 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

    • Claudia Ribeiro says:

      Hi Laura,
      You’re completely right, we’re so lucky.
      I think that since we have less free time because of our everyday trips, we know how to organize better the little time we have.
      This is a great opportunity to improve our time management skills and it makes us overcome procrastination (I procrastinate a lot when I have too much free time).
      I also love to read, listen to music and watch vídeos during the journey. It’s when I take time to relax during the day, because when I get home I know that I have to do my school work.

      All the best,

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