An apprenticeship is a great way to start a career

It was not! In past I have always been very unsure about my future. In Germany with an A Level you can almost do whatever you want! There are no limits and if you want to reach something you can if you just try hard enough. So I had the option to go to university and I tried. I studied for about six months and recognized this is not the right way in education for me. I need some practical part besides of learning the theory.

So I quit university and started my apprenticeship. Luckily I found an Agency where you require A Level for being a trainee. I felt very happy about this as the three extra years of school were not unnecessary now.

In Germany there are different ways to start the career in tourism. University is probably the most popular way. When you finish university you can start working in almost every part of tourism. No matter if airline, hotel, tour operator or travel agency. I think this is good but there are some employers prefering people with practical experiences. Having a University Degree does not assure you a better job.

In my opinion the apprenticeship is the best way to start the career as you get knowledge and practical experience at the same time. Later you can still go to university and get a higher degree. With these two educations you got the best chance to get the job that you dream of.



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