Work (in a hotel) and study (in university) is my life today

Kambodscha Strand

Local and international travelers are more and more interested in Cambodia’s beaches. I expect in next future more to come. In Cambodia we will get many visitors from the world. Most of the traveller who come to visit here are interested on seafood, swimming, sunbath or play games over there. Actually for their period of traveling they stay around two or three days while there are not much places to visit. If I become a Tourism organizer in the future, I will more develop attractive tourism places over here to become more beautiful.
And for me. I want study and work. Actually I study at school and practices at work place. My family is poor so I must work to earn money to be supported. When I finish my studies, I will be experienced. In the next future I easily will find good job and high salary.

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  1. Laura Fries says:

    Hi Kean,
    it’s good to hear that you set your own goals to achive!
    Just keep on going! I am sure you will do it and earn a lot of money one day 🙂
    Where are you working at? What is your daily job like?

    Sorry for being curious 🙂 I’m just interested in people.
    Looking forward to read more!

    Best regards,

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