I’ve been planning since summer


I usually don’t think too much about the future, because planning too much ahead goes wrong sometimes.

But since this summer, I’ve been getting worried about the choices I’ll have to make in the future, so I reached the conclusion that planning a little bit isn’t bad.

Right now I’m searching for places to do my apprenticeship even though I’ll only be doing it in a year and a half. I would really like to do my apprenticeship in a travel agency. So I’m browsing through reviews of travel agencies in my area and asking friends that already worked or did their apprenticeships there, if they liked it or not.

And while I search for the right place to do my apprenticeship, I’m also participating in school activities that can improve my CV.

Greetings from Portugal

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  1. Hi Claudia,
    I share your opinion, because I am also the Person who does not plan everything for the future.
    But I am doing it the same way like you. I am also looking around for Jobs or things I could do next year.

    What questions do you have for your apprenticeship in a travel agency? You can ask me if you want 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Melanie 🙂

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