Not everyone is getting paid, I’m happy to be!

Euro Währung

Hello everyone,

since I was thirteen years old I have earned my own money.I worked in several jobs as a newspaper carrier,  a cashier, a secretary and in other jobs, to realize my dreams who I otherwise could not afford. (For example my stay in New Zealand)

In my apprenticeship as a tourism clerk I get paid monthly (at the middle of the month). The apprenticeship takes three years and after each year I deserve more money.

But I also have friends who didn‘t get a salary for their apprenticeship, for example kindergarten teacher. They work three years for free.

I have monthly costs for a bus ticket, petrol, clothes and since two years I live together with my boyfriend, so I also have costs for our flat, food  and other stuff.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.



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