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Hello everyone,

right now we have a rainy season in Cambodia, so everything is quite wet and humid – but to answer the questions: No it wasn’t the only option for me. It’s just that all the other options would’ve been worse in my opinion. I didn’t want to become a farmer nor did I want to become a teacher at primary school, so I had to go to university. I personally think that the system in Germany with apprenticeships is far better than only going to university. But even if you don’t go to university or get an apprenticeship, there are still some options for you like Pour Un Sourire D’ Enfant (For a child’s Smile). Right now we have a high season for tourism, so there are more jobs than during the off-season. However, some restaurants do also occupy vacant jobs during off-seasons.

Most of the high-school students in Cambodia do go to university though, because it is believed to be the best education and most parents push their children to do so, especially after the Civil War was over in 1993.

Greetings from Cambodia
Ramheuy Kean

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  1. Bernd Schray says:

    Dear Kean, thank you for your interesting post. Yes, your true, the situation in Cambodia is so very different from the status in Germany. And it is good to get a global view because the world is connecting and coming closer. Keep us informed and stay in touch. Best, Bernd

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