University calling


Actually for me university was the only option. This had several reasons. One of the main factors was, that I wasn’t totally sure about what I wanted to do later on. And most apprenticeships seemed to be focused on a certain job, e.g. a hotel apprenticeship leads to a job in a hotel, one in an event agency… and so on. Studying instead seemed to open many doors to a huge variety of jobs in different sectors. Furthermore, I got attracted by the prospects of the students live. I don’t mean party and drinking every night (although you always meet some students who seem to focus on this); I mean to be self-determined, to be able to choose courses according to your own interests (although this freedom was actually quite limited, at least during my Bachelor).
Even if it may sound strange for some: I liked the prospect of academic working. During the 11th grade, one year before finishing school, we had to submit an assignment. Not long, 15 pages, but since it was the first time it was a big thing though. The research on the topic I had chosen (The mysterious origin of the money with which the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi had started his economical imperium fifty years before) turned out to be very fascinating. I already liked writing texts since I was a child and this project evoked my interest in scientific writing as well. I knew that studying included more or less of this academic work (probably in contrary to an apprenticeship), so this was another factor that influenced my choice to study.
The last reason I want to mention here is I’ve been the first person in my family who went to a university. The prospect to reach a “new level” of education, higher than those of my parents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc. was quite a good motivation for me to decide for a university career and to work hard for its success. Not to sport with that, but to prove myself that I can succeed there nonetheless.

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