School and work are a welcome mix

I’m a trainee in the third educational year.

Alternativley I go to school or I’m working in our office in Sindelfingen.

In school we’ve got different subjects like geography, cultural history, marketing and many more…

It’s a good variety to the everyday life in our office and furthermore I’ve won a lot of new friends through school.

Since I’m in the third year of education, I have to sit at the service desk to advise clients.

Sometimes it’s really hard because you have to handle difficult customers but it’s a good practice to develop your personality.

Certainly, we’ve got to do other work like operating the telephone, checking e-mails and we have to be in charge of accounts or we are responsible for the catalogues.

But this is only a small insight in our daily work.


Everytime I travel I learn something new. Whatever if it’s a private holiday or a trip for work.

You gain knowledge about the different destinations and you see new hotels which you can recommend or advise the clients against this hotel.

Besides I can suggest some sightseeing places which are really worth to see or I betray insider tips.


If you go through life with your eyes open, everything is a lesson that gives you new knowledge.





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