The struggles of a student


At the beginning I was really worried about all the money situation.
Everything is so expensive and I’m not working yet which made me
stress out for a while. My parents pay me the rent and sometimes they
give me some money for food but all the other expenses are with me.
Since I was 15 years old I kept money for university and , right now,
I’m using it. I always wanted this. And after all I got a scholarship
which is great and help a lot.

Since I am from another district I get some room to stay so I was
sharing a flat with my friend but recently I had to move to another
flat because it was too expensive. Now I’m even closer from the

I’m trying to get a job on second semester to make everything easier
and so I can buy my things. It’s really important have our own things.

My strong advice is: If you have a free summer take some time to get
some money. It makes everything easier during all the school season
because we don’t even notice but we spend a lot.

Greetings from Portugal,
Ana Tavares


  1. Bernd Schray says:

    Very interesting article. Thank you for letting us have a look into your situation as a student. You are lucky to grow up with parents like yours. They are kind of safety net, aren’t they? Whenever it is necessary. Good.

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