I didn’t make plans in the past

Plans on a whiteboard

As I received my graduation in 2014, I haven´t had a plan what I should do in my future. I unfortunately didn´t spent a lot of time during school thinking about what ´s next. Actually I focused my thoughts on my graduation and I was more than busy with studying for it. But now since I got my training as a travel agent, I will do my very best to keep a closer eye on my future before it is too late. Due to my past carelessness, I spend a lot of time thinking about that issue. Am I going to stay in a travel agency? Will I go study or will I work at a tour operator? Even though I still have 3 more years left to figure my own path out, having a rough plan about your career can give you a huge amount of safeness. But one thing is safe to say: I will find the job that will fit me and I am eager to work hard to achieve my goals.

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