I’m even able to save some money for the future


I still live with my parents but I have a lot of privacy anyway because I have a room for myself and my own little corridor with an entrance door and a bathroom. In an apprenticeship you get paid a monthly wage. So I do not pay for my accommodation and I can save some money for the future. For example I want to save money for my own flat after my apprenticeship and I have some money for activities with friends and for traveling the world (where the most money flows into – who has thought that 😀 ). My place of work is 20 minutes away from my home with the train. So I have just to pay a monthly rate for the train. It is really lucky that I got an apprenticeship near home because there are a lot of people who have to remove to another city for their apprenticeship or studies and the rental prices for a flat in bigger cities are really expensive. For students there is also the possibility to apply for the BAFöG. The BAFöG is a help from the state so that every person has the possibility to study. It’s like a credit for the students which should help them to cover all of the cost of studying for example the enrolment fee, books, rental and maybe the transportation costs. The special thing about this credit is that you just have to pay back 50 % of the amounts you received from the state. But there are really strictly controls because BAFöG is just intended for people who really need it.


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