Things always change


I think there are many things that may happen before my graduation,
more opportunities, things that can change my mind anytime so I don’t
really like to think on the future already. Of course I think about it
sometimes, I guess we all have to make little plans from A to Z so we
can be ready to whatever happens but, in my opinion, we shouldn’t
think deeply about it.

I’m searching for jobs or events to participate in this area and,
because I want to be a tourist guide I’m trying to get information
about some important places and life experiences as a tourist guides.
But one of the things I want to do is to get some experience by travelling.

Best wishes,


  1. Hey Ana,
    I agree with you. Life holds many surprises..
    What is on your bucket list?

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Ana,
    that’s so true!
    The best experience you can get is by traveling.
    But have you ever thought about being a flight attendant?

    Best wishes,

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