I’d like to see more of Germany

Neuschwanstein, Germany

Hi guys and a happy new year from me too!

I have a lot of resolutions for this year but if I can observe them is another question.
My first resolution goes completely wrong. My best friend and I we walk every evening with our dogs and weh ad the plan to met us on time. After the second day we both were too late. We said 7 pm but we both met us at 7.10 pm. It goes completely wrong our resolution and we two of us let alone our resolution :D.
I am aiming for more city trips. I like visiting citis and I would like to travel more through Germany.
My other resolutions are eating healthier, doing more sport and beeing more motivated for tidying up my room. Everyone of us knows the legendary chair which is compass with clothes. Every year I try to prohibit it but I will never make it.
At the weekend the clothes will be washed but on the next day the chair is full of all the clothes. It is a desaster.
I hope I cope with my resolutions.

I keep you up-to-date.

See you next time!

Greetings from the cold Germany,

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  1. Laura Fries says:

    Haha I know this chair! It’s hilarious that whenever you try not to put ALL your stuff on it, it happens again after one day only 😀
    That’s also a thing I absolutely need to change!

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