Lots of traveling ahead

2017 will be an exciting year for me.
In July I will finish my apprenticeship so I’m looking forward to work at Euro Lloyd as a „real“ travel agent.
Furthermore I have planned many journeys for this year.
In March my boyfriend and I will travel to Dubai. We will stay one week in this amazing emirate. I won a two night stay in the 6 star hotel Jumeirah Beach and I’m exciting for these days.
In May we will visit my family in France. We will stay 4 days in Paris at my aunts house and 9 days at my grandmas house in Brittany.
Yesterday my friend Lena and I booked our trip to Egypt. It will be the first time for me in this country and I’m looking forward to snorkel in the Red Sea and driving quads in the desert.
So this journeys are already planned, but I think there will be one or two more in 2017.

What are your plans for 2017?! Tell me about your plans.

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