Resolutions never really worked out for me


Hello everyone and welcome to 2017. I cannot believe 2016 is already over, that year went by incredibly fast, because many things happened in my life: I graduated from high school, I travelled to Thailand, I began my apprenticeship at Euro Lloyd and I met a lot of new people. I have had an awesome start into the New Year – I celebrated with my closest friends, including my boyfriend, in a castle of a friend of mine and it was a blast. We were all dressed up in suits and dresses. The people who are very special to me and who mean a lot to me were around my person itself and we enjoyed the extraordinary evening.

To be honest, I did not set myself resolutions. I have tried that plenty of times in the past years and it nearly never worked out. I am just really happy at the moment and don’t want to change one thing in my life, so why setting up resolutions if everything couldn’t be any better. As I mentioned in one of my previous texts: I like to live in the moment, not thinking about my future. However that does not bother me at all, I like not having an exact plan. Things will fall into place; I believe in that especially because everything happens for a reason and you can’t predict things – if something has to happen, it will.

Greetings Marie

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