This year I want to get things done

New Year's Fireworks

Hey at all,

happy (belated) new year to all of you!

It’s funny to talk about new year’s resolutions. I think everyone is trying to form a “new myself” for the auspicious new year, telling themselves that this is the one year everything changes – calling it THE year 2017.

Also I do it in a smaller way – I don’t think this is more THE year as every other is. But I was quitting my smoking habit in December and made pretty clear at new years eve that I will not start again! (actually I did smoke a little bit in that night but it was such an special event 😉 ) So far I’m doing well with this idea.

I also want to organize myself better. I am a person that procrastinates a lot and just doesn’t start to do things. I want to change that and already started to make a list with all the things I didn’t do. Honestly the list is longer than I was thinking (or hoping) and there is still something missing I need to put on it.

The last thing is that I want to walk more. I know a lot of people are starting to get fit now and joining gyms for workouts. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take longer than until march and no one will do this anymore. I am pretty sure people will lost motivation but the end of the contract is in two years. So they don’t use the gym anymore but still pay for it.

I am trying to integrate walking into my daily routine. I don’t take the bus but walk sometimes. In the end this is the better way to be more fit and healthy for a long period.

I love to hear of your new year’s resolutions! I hope you are doing better 😀

Greetings from Germany,


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