I had quite a long commute


In a few weeks I will have my finals so after that I am a Travel Agent. I really like the job, because every day is different, you always get to know new countries, islands and cities. I love to see the world, we have so many opportunities to get around. I am very thankful for everything I could have experienced in my apprenticeship.

I think the most annoying thing in this apprenticeship is the working hours. You don’t have much spare time. When I have worked in Stuttgart, I needed more than a hour for one way. Now I am working in Ludwigsburg, that’s a 15 to 20 minutes drive for me. So I am very lucky about that.

But I am getting home late anyway. At the earliest it’s 06:30 pm and at the very latest it’s 08.30 pm.

If I could change anything, it would definitely be the working hours and the salary. 🙂

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