The working hours are a minor inconvenience


I’m working as a trainee at a travel agency in Sindelfingen, Germany. What I really like is the contact with clients, the diversity and the kind colleagues.

As a trainee in the first year, you don’t know much about the job. In fact of that, you can’t answer the clients’ questions immediately. Most of the time you need to ask one of your co-worker to find the answer.
Therefore, some inpatient clients often get angry or irritated, but every single day you learn more about handling those situations.

I need to drive about 40 km a day to reach my work. My working hours are between 10-19 and 11-20 o’clock, therefore I don’t have much leisure time which I could spent with my boyfriend or my friends, because they are working from 8 am till 16 pm. Especially going to the gym is very difficult with these working hours, sometimes I have to quit the gym because I am too tired or I would be at home at 11 pm.

To sum up, I am very happy with my decision to become a travel agent, but if I could change a thing, it would be the working hours.

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