What's SkillDiary?

We’ve been working closely with the tourism industry for many years and developed an interest about how things work in other countries. We thought it would be interesting to see the differences in educational standards from the student’s point of view, without numbers, statistics and lots and lots of analysis.

The project uses a blog for each of our authors as primary medium of communication. That way, we can see each other’s points of view and compare them to our own, to hopefully form a big picture at the end of the year.

Through our project we aim to connect people and start a networking process.

How does it work?

Each month we’ll ask a different question about the themes of the respective educations. All the students have to do is answer them freely by writing a blog post about them. The best results are achieved, by just letting the thoughts flow through the brain and into the posts without thinking too much about what to say, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to answer. We just want to know some honest opinions!

What are the goals?

Primarily we’re interested in seeing how education works in the EU and in other parts of the world. For our pilot project we’re starting in Portugal, as it’s relatively close to Germany for easier communication. Of course we’re open for further participants from all over the world.

On top of that we hope to be able to connect people, gather interest and maybe even manage to highlight some issues in local educational systems. We’ll stick to our primary goal for now though!