17th December 2016

I’m even able to save some money for the future

I still live with my parents but I have a lot of privacy anyway because I have a room for myself and my own little corridor with an entrance door and a bathroom. In an apprenticeship you get […]
15th December 2016

Things always change

I think there are many things that may happen before my graduation, more opportunities, things that can change my mind anytime so I don’t really like to think on the future already. Of course I think about it […]
13th December 2016
Seaside fun

I’m a spontaneous person

Actually I don’t know it exactly and I think planning too much isn’t really necessary because many things in life become different than imagined. My first step is to work at my travel agency Euro Lloyd in Ludwigsburg, […]
9th December 2016

I’ll pursue a career in marketing

Hello everyone, today I’d like to talk about my plans for the future! First of all, for a really long time I didn’t have any plans regarding my future. I mean as a child I always wanted to […]
7th December 2016

New Zealand is where I’d go

If I would like to study I would maybe like to study in New Zealand in the city Wellington. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and is located on the South Island. When I was there, […]
3rd December 2016

I could imagine Paris or London

If I would study I could imagine to study abroad. Maybe in one of the metropoles of Europe. Par Example in Paris or London. These two are one of my favourite cities and I think it would be […]
1st December 2016
University library

I don’t see any reason to study abroad

The German higher education system is well known as one of the best in the world. Especially the degrees in international business are well-recognized all around the globe and since the globalisation of the bachelor degree, you always […]
30th November 2016
Road ahead

It’s difficult for me to answer that question

Considering that I started the apprenticeship at the travel agency in August 2016, the question is difficult to answer. Since three month I learn every day a lot. It is exciting what you have to do and what […]
28th November 2016
Girl jumping into the ocean

I don’t know yet, but I really like it so far!

After being in a travel agency for only two and a half months, I cannot really say a lot and I cannot decide whether or not it was the right choice. So far, I really like my job. […]
26th November 2016

I’d move to Australia instantly – If I could!

I don’t even know if I can go to university someday. But there are some places I could imagine to study. I have been leaving my parental house a few years ago. I have been traveling meanwhile, were […]
24th November 2016

I’m more of a spontaneous person I guess

I don’t prepare a lot in my life. I am that kind of person that tries to live in the present for most of time. Well, that’s not working in every situation, but mostly problems are getting solved […]
22nd November 2016
Holding a map

It makes me proud to have made the right decision

Since I started my apprenticeship I was thinking about this question several times. So I came back to think about what life goals I set myself. I really like working with people (in one way or another) and […]
20th November 2016
Planning ahead

I don’t need to make plans yet

I’m just at the beginning of my training, therefore I don’t have any plans for after my training. I like to live in the moment, not thinking about my future. I mean, there can happen a lot in […]
18th November 2016
Studying together

I’d like to begin my studies in Germany

If I ever plan to study in my life, to be truly honest, I would like to begin my studies in Germany. There are so many possibilities here in my home country, I could speak my mother tongue […]
16th November 2016

School and work are a welcome mix

I’m a trainee in the third educational year. Alternativley I go to school or I’m working in our office in Sindelfingen. In school we’ve got different subjects like geography, cultural history, marketing and many more… It’s a good […]