Welcome to SkillDiary, a new project about education around the world and the problems trainees face during their studies. In our first month we’d love to know what made our participants pursue an education in tourism/marketing? Any special reasons or just a spontaneous idea?

You can find the answers below:

12th November 2016

I looked into many branches

Hey! My name is Doreen Breuning, I’m 22 years old and I’m living in Germany. During my graduation on high school, I didn’t know what to do after school. So I combed through different homepages with job advertisments. […]
17th September 2016
Kolosseum Rom

A longer process of development with a lot of good luck

Hello, my name is Alexander, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Germany. After finishing school I studied Tourism- & Event-Management B.A. in Hamburg. Since September 2015 I live in Rome where I study M.Sc. in Business Administration. […]
11th September 2016
airplane inside

Working in the travel industry was always my dream

Hi my name is Claire Zaiser, I’m 22 years old and I‘m living in Schwaikheim, a little village near Stuttgart. After my gradution from high school I stayed in Southhampton, a city two hours away from London, for […]
30th August 2016

Traveling was always a dream of mine

Hi, I’m Ann-Christin from Germany. When I was a child, it was my dream to go abroad and discover the world for a while. After I had finished my A Level  in year 2014, I realized my dream […]
28th August 2016

My mom helped me find my passion

I never had any big plans for my life – honestly I was trying a lot of different things. All the internships during my school time never aroused my interest. After I finished my A Level I worked […]
22nd August 2016

I always wanted to get into the tourism industry

Why did you decide to go for tourism/marketing? Hi my name is Claire Zaiser, I’m 22 years old and I‘m living in Schwaikheim, a little village near Stuttgart. After my gradution from high school I stayed in Southhampton, a […]
13th August 2016
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Hello, I’m Kong from Cambodia

Hi! I am Kong, a boy from countryside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Now I’m working in Hospitality Industry. I’m very busy with studying and working. Be a Working-Student is not easy. If you ask me “Why I decided […]
7th August 2016

Studying and working

“Why did I decide to go for tourism/marketing?” In my own words, I wish to see more tourists coming to visit Cambodia for a short trip or vacations. Cambodia is an interesting country with old temples, nature resources, […]
20th July 2016

The right branch for a travelholic

Hello, I am Ines and I am from Germany. I am a travelholic and I already decided when I was a young child that I would like to work in the tourism industry. After my A level in 2011 I did a […]
12th July 2016

Answer Question No. 1 from Liv Vanna

Hello, “I’m so sorry about my delay. But now I answer by email question number 1.” (Why did you decide to go for tourism/marketing? Please introduce yourself! 🙂 Where are you from? What are you doing? Tell us […]
2nd July 2016

A stay abroad was the kicker

Why I decided to make an education in tourism? During my whole time at high school I didn’t knew what to do when I get my A Level. There will be the right inspiration, I thought. But as […]
30th June 2016

Fighting for my passion

Hi my name is Simba, I come from Zimbabwe. I’m currently 29 years old and want to tell you my story of how I got into the tourism industry and where I’m heading right now. I am very […]
25th June 2016

Why did I choose this job?

Why did I choose this job? That’s a really good question but let me try to explain! I love traveling since I was a little girl. My Mom is a stewardess so she loves it too. We have […]
3rd June 2016

I never considered marketing to become my dream job

Hello everyone, my name is Robin. I’m from Stuttgart and currently doing my training in Marketing. I also happen to be the moderator of this project and decided to tag along with blogging. Now let’s get to the […]
3rd May 2016

I like to get to know the world

Hello everyone:) I’m sorry, I forgot to tell, why I have chosen the job as a travel agent. It is really funny because I was already interested in the job since I was a little child because I […]
11th April 2016
Travelling abroad

My choice was tourism

I always saw Tourism as an important thing for me, I admired people that worked on the area and I really wanted to try and to have that kind of contact with people. In High School I was […]
1st April 2016
Beach Heart

Tourism is like a passion

I´m very excited to finally start to be part of this project and also to answer the first question, because it sums up the way I see life. So, I will just answer the queston in a way […]
1st April 2016
Cycling USA

Making your hobby a full time job

Hello we are four of the trainees from Euro Lloyd travel agency. Our company consists of three bureaus which are located in a big warehouse in the South of Germany: Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Sindelfingen. All of us completed […]
31st March 2016

Childhood dreams, hobbies and future perspectives

I chose to study tourism because recently I developed a passion for travelling and I wanted to expand my vision of the world. When I was really little, I wanted to become a flight attendant, so that I […]