Towards the end of our project we’d like to know a little about the struggles our participants have during their time as students or trainees. What are the things that really grind their gears and what would they do differently if they were in charge? Whether it’s small day-to-day things or a potentially huge flaw in the system, we’d love to know!

27th March 2017

I had quite a long commute

In a few weeks I will have my finals so after that I am a Travel Agent. I really like the job, because every day is different, you always get to know new countries, islands and cities. I […]
5th March 2017

The working hours are a minor inconvenience

I’m working as a trainee at a travel agency in Sindelfingen, Germany. What I really like is the contact with clients, the diversity and the kind colleagues. As a trainee in the first year, you don’t know much […]