The second month of SkillDiary revolves all around practical experiences. We asked our participants, whether they’re getting any work experiences or not. We also want to know what kind of experiences they’re getting and which opportunities they have to get internships or similar jobs.

The answers are published below.

16th November 2016

School and work are a welcome mix

I’m a trainee in the third educational year. Alternativley I go to school or I’m working in our office in Sindelfingen. In school we’ve got different subjects like geography, cultural history, marketing and many more… It’s a good […]
15th October 2016

Practical experiences from day one

Today I´m in the third week of my education as a travel agent. Due to not having school in the first year, my education is almost exclusively practical at the moment. I do learn how to deal with […]
3rd October 2016

Internships, university projects and a job as a cruise journalist

My Bachelor course in Tourism & Event Management included two mandatory internships of two to three month each. At least one of these had to be in a foreign country. I did the first internship in the editorial […]
29th September 2016

I enjoy the contact with clients

Before my training I never worked in the travel trade. During my high school time I coached students in french, because my mum comes from France and I speak the language fluently. Furthermore I worked for four years […]
7th September 2016

Working in an agency really teaches you a lot

Hi guys, that is a good question. Before I started my apprenticeship I stayed one day in a travel agency. It was a small one and there were not any clients at that day but still I got […]
3rd September 2016

I’m receiving a great training!

A year has passed when I started my three-year apprenticeship as tourism clerk at Euro Lloyd travel agency. Next month begins the professional school and I am very exited. The school is always in change to the office, […]
2nd September 2016
Kambodscha Strand

Work (in a hotel) and study (in university) is my life today

Local and international travelers are more and more interested in Cambodia’s beaches. I expect in next future more to come. In Cambodia we will get many visitors from the world. Most of the traveller who come to visit […]
15th August 2016

Tourism since early on

My practical experiences in the tourism industry still started in young years. At the age of 16 I did an internship at the travel agency “Euro Lloyd” in Ludwigsburg where I gained first experiences in the tourism industry. […]
25th July 2016

My father’s advice is helpful

2: Are you getting any practical experiences? If so, where and how? Acquiring some practical knowledge is important for any future job. Are you doing anything to get your practical skills up and running? If so, what exactly […]
20th June 2016
practical experience is part of the deal

Practical experience is part of the deal.

Hi everyone, time flies by way too fast. We’re already coming up to our 4th month, so I decided to finish the previous months that I had due to my late start. This time the question was all […]
25th May 2016

The start of a new chapter

Hi, my name is Laura and I am also a trainee in the Euro Lloyd Travel Agency in Germany. I started my training in August 2015 and got a lot of different experiences so far. In October I […]
23rd May 2016

the clients determine my day

Being in a Travel Agency is very exciting because the clients determine your day! First of all I have to do the special jobs that trainees have to do like doing the post or send welcome faxes to […]
22nd May 2016
AIDA Info Travel

in my third educational year as a travel agent

I’m trainee in the third educational year and had my final exams last week. Now I only have to complete the oral exam at the end of June 2016. After that I’ll become a ‘real’ Travel agent. My […]
19th May 2016
Euro Lloyd, Travel Agency, Vanssa-Remelius

My first year of training

In August I am at the end of my first year of training at Euro Lloyd Reisebureau. The training lasts three years. In the second year I am going to go additionally to the tourism school where I […]
18th May 2016

volunteering in my university

Hello, Sorry for the delay. In this first year I had some experiences that can be used for the future, like this one : I did volunteering in open days in my university, which is basically guiding the […]
18th May 2016
Portugal Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos

University opens a new world of opportunities

Hello dear participants & readers, Here in Portugal the weather returned with clouds and rain, missing the sun already! I was finishing the second answer when I received this email, I’m sorry for taking so long but as […]
13th May 2016

Practical experience: Easy but unpaid

It’s very easy for students to get practical experiences while studying at my university. When there is an event and the organization of that event needs help, our teachers ask us to join them, even if it’s just […]