In our third month of SkillDiary, we asked our participants whether or not university or an apprenticeship was the only option they had regarding education. We’d love to know what other possibilities there are in their respective countries and if they’re happy with the choice they made.

The answers are published below.

25th October 2016

There weren’t many other options

Hello everyone, right now we have a rainy season in Cambodia, so everything is quite wet and humid – but to answer the questions: No it wasn’t the only option for me. It’s just that all the other […]
7th October 2016

University calling

Actually for me university was the only option. This had several reasons. One of the main factors was, that I wasn’t totally sure about what I wanted to do later on. And most apprenticeships seemed to be focused […]
1st October 2016

Difficult question, difficult answer

Was University the only option for you? This is a bit hard for me to answer but i will try. When I finished grade 12 I didn’t know where will be my future is? After that I was […]
27th September 2016

An apprenticeship is a great way to start a career

It was not! In past I have always been very unsure about my future. In Germany with an A Level you can almost do whatever you want! There are no limits and if you want to reach something […]
25th September 2016

I prefer practical apprenticeships over university at first

Hi! After high school you can decide between two options in Germany. University Apprenticeship I have choosen the second option because I think that it’s important to get practical experiences. In an apprenticeship you have the contact with […]
15th September 2016

I needed the contact with clients first

In Germany we have many opportunities to get an education in the tourism business. You can choose between a lot of study programs at many universities in different cities. Furthermore you can do a vocational Training as a […]
13th September 2016

I chose an apprenticeship and so far it’s great

Hey! That is a difficult question for me to answer. At the beginning of the year 2016 I did not know what I will do in the future. First I want something with no school and learning so […]
9th September 2016

Schooldays are a welcome change sometimes

When you have finished the school with the A level you have plenty of ways in how you can going on in Germany. One opportunity is to go to the university and studying. Another way is to go […]
17th August 2016

Multiple options to suit everyone

Here in Germany we have many different opportunities after school if you have made the A level in a secondary school. With the A level you have the qualification to study in an university or a college of […]
7th July 2016

It kind of was

Hello everyone, it’s time for my third question already! Trying to speed things up a bit to catch up with everyone else. Let’s get straight to the question again: Was my apprenticeship the only option? Yeah. Pretty much. […]
4th July 2016

There’s basically only university

Portuguese education is a bit different of some educational systems that I know. On high school we have to choose between a general secondary programme (high education-oriented: Languages, Sciences, Arts or Economic) and technological programme (work oriented). If […]
17th June 2016
Chance - Change

So many options it was hard to decide!

Here I come to Topic 3 where I am going to explain if University or an apprenticeship was the only option for me. It was not! As I described in an other text I’ve lived in the USA […]
8th June 2016
Berge Aussicht

Why did I choose what I’ve chosen?

The secondary school level in Germany generally starts at age 10 (grade 5) and is divided into a less academic Hauptschule (to grade 10) leading to vocational education, an intermediate Realschule (not in Austria) leading to a technical […]
7th June 2016
good idea

My answer to question No. 3

When you finished your A Level in Germany you have three possibilities to start your way into the working life. The first eventuality is to make an apprenticeship like we described already in the topics before. Short version: […]
2nd June 2016
Theme of the month 3

Getting higher education was necessary

Here in Portugal, when it comes to higher education, students can choose between the university system or the polytechnic system. While the university system has a more theoretical nature and is research-oriented, the polytechnic system gives us a […]