In our 4th month we would like to know a bit about the future plans of our participants. Where do they see themselves in 3, 5 or 10 years from now? What are their goals and how are they trying to achieve them? Check back soon to find the answers! :)

9th December 2016

I’ll pursue a career in marketing

Hello everyone, today I’d like to talk about my plans for the future! First of all, for a really long time I didn’t have any plans regarding my future. I mean as a child I always wanted to […]
8th November 2016
Travelling abroad

The future is still far away

It´s quite difficult for me to say what my plans are for the future. First of all I am happy that I have found an education that fits me and which is a lot of fun to me. […]
19th September 2016

First traveling, then the rest

Puh, plans for the future? Good question but I do not know. *laugh* My plans are open. At August I started my apprenticeship and I have three years until I have finished. There could happen a lot at […]
11th August 2016
Theme of the month 3

I’ll never stop learning

What would I like to do after my education? After my education I would like to study tourism or make other training maybe I’ll also study tourism and Event management together. My first priority is currently to expand […]
28th July 2016

I’m sure I’ll stay in the travel-business

Hi, I am going to tell you something about Topic 4 „Plans for the future“. My plan is not finish yet because I am in the second year of training and I don’t know what will happens to […]
26th July 2016

Not all those who wander are lost.

Honestly, my first goal was travelling the world. I would love to go to some less known places, to meet new people and cultures. It’s still one of my goals but when I first got into this course the first […]
24th July 2016

I believe we should take things one day at a time

I believe we should take things one day at a time and I really don’t like to make many plans for the future because life is full of unexpected events. Let’s just say that my ability to set […]
22nd July 2016

It’s hard to imagine yourself in the future

It’s always hard to imagine how your own life will be in 10 or more years. For tourism students or trainees it’s even harder because we get all these possibilities. The world is turning more and more into […]
18th July 2016

Trying to see the world while I’m young

As Pia already mentioned – it’s difficult to say where I see myself in 3, 5 or 10 years for me too. Maybe I will use my time as long as I’m young and go abroad before settle […]
16th July 2016

First of all I’ll be traveling

What does my future look like? Honestly, I did not think about it yet. Two weeks ago, I successfully completed training and i still can not believe it: I DID IT! These three years passed like in flight […]
14th July 2016

No plan is also a plan

The first step is already made. Two weeks ago I had my oral examination, so now I finished my apprenticeship. The next chapter in my life will hopefully be the tourism studies. Hopefully, because I don’t know if […]
1st July 2016

Maybe I’ll work abroad!

For me it’s a very difficult question to say where I see myself from now on in the future. First of all my goal for the next two years is to succesfully finish my apprenticeship with an excellent leaving […]