Life as a trainee is tough and living became quite expensive. How do you stay afloat? Are you getting paid for your work? Do you live alone or with your parents? Tells us a bit about the financial side of being a student or trainee in your country! No worries, we’re not expecting numbers at all :)

21st December 2016

I’m not starving so I got that going for me

Hello everyone, Life as a trainee is indeed tough. Rents are rising almost everywhere around the globe, money is short and hobbies aren’t exactly cheap either. With the quite good income I get from my work I can […]
17th December 2016

I’m even able to save some money for the future

I still live with my parents but I have a lot of privacy anyway because I have a room for myself and my own little corridor with an entrance door and a bathroom. In an apprenticeship you get […]
14th November 2016

The struggles of a student

At the beginning I was really worried about all the money situation. Everything is so expensive and I’m not working yet which made me stress out for a while. My parents pay me the rent and sometimes they […]
23rd October 2016
Euro Währung

Not everyone is getting paid, I’m happy to be!

Hello everyone, since I was thirteen years old I have earned my own money.I worked in several jobs as a newspaper carrier,  a cashier, a secretary and in other jobs, to realize my dreams who I otherwise could […]
21st October 2016
Do it your way

Leftovers are important enrich my person itself

Hello everyone, Getting paid as an apprentice? Yes, definitely! Doing an apprenticeship means that you‘re working fulltime for a company: 8 hours per day, 5 days in a week. Every apprentice gets paid for his job, that’s totally […]
5th October 2016

No chance to spend my money

Hi everyone! During my apprenticeship I had a own flat, because my parents moved to another city which was too far from the company I worked. During this time I got financial support from my parents. After my […]
1st September 2016

There’ll be less support during my studies

During my apprenticesip I earned money, but that wasn’t enough to finance my life. I’m living in my own flat together with a friend, so I have a lot of things to pay which you would never thought […]
31st August 2016

I got my parents’ support

When I decided to go to college my parents said they would give me full support and would cover all my education expenses as long as I kept getting good grades like I did in high school. I […]
26th August 2016

Trainees get regular salaries

Oh that is an important but difficult topic. I think everyone has another way to finance their life. Now I will introduce you to my way I keep myself above water. Still I live at home with my […]
24th August 2016

I get paid to be a trainee

Since I decided to move together with my boyfriend, I saved money from working half a year. Having this little “kickstart” really helped me dealing with financial barriers, like furnishing an entire home. Furthermore I needed an own […]
18th August 2016

Not having to pay rent helps a lot!

Hi That’s a good question! I am glad to earn money in my apprenticeship but we do not get enough money to stay afloat by yourself. I am still living at home but that’s okay, because I am […]