Now that you’ve gotten some experience, seen day to day work for a while or had some classes. Do you still think that going for tourism was the right thing to do? Would you do anything differently, if you had the chance to start over? What advice can you give others just starting out with their education? Let us know what you think about your choices! :)

30th November 2016
Road ahead

It’s difficult for me to answer that question

Considering that I started the apprenticeship at the travel agency in August 2016, the question is difficult to answer. Since three month I learn every day a lot. It is exciting what you have to do and what […]
28th November 2016
Girl jumping into the ocean

I don’t know yet, but I really like it so far!

After being in a travel agency for only two and a half months, I cannot really say a lot and I cannot decide whether or not it was the right choice. So far, I really like my job. […]
22nd November 2016
Holding a map

It makes me proud to have made the right decision

Since I started my apprenticeship I was thinking about this question several times. So I came back to think about what life goals I set myself. I really like working with people (in one way or another) and […]
6th November 2016

I enjoy the variety this job has to offer

Yes, I still think that I choose the right direction for me. The travel industry is so multisided, you never learn out as a travel agent and it is still an interesting job for me. It is very […]
27th October 2016

I really want to stay in the tourism branch

Hello everyone, what’s better than sell travelling – the best time of the year? 🙂  With each customer you have new tasks and discover places, which you have not even thought about yet or are unkown for you. […]
13th October 2016

Yes I think it was!

Considering that that I´ve just started my training as a travel agent, It´s not easy to answer the question. I think tourism was the right choice, because I learn so much new about the world every day. I […]
16th September 2016

It was the right choice definitely – I know it!!!

Hello everyone, Before starting my apprenticeship I already knew  that I would like to work in the tourism trade. I like to speak different languages and I love travelling the world, dicover other countries & cultures, so I […]
5th September 2016
Glückliches Mädchen vor dem Sonnenuntergang

It absolutely was!

Hi everyone! Yes, I still think that my profession is the right choice for me. I like the business because it is different from day to day. I am working in a Travel Agency and all I can […]
23rd April 2016

A jack of all trades is a master of none

Hello everyone! I absolutely think that I made the right choice. Marketing is such an incredibly versatile field. You have mathematical aspects in terms of analysis and projections, creative aspects such as design and writing and even administrative […]