This month we’d like to know what steps you’ve taken for your life after university or your training. Do you already have a job in sight? Are you networking? Or do you think planning too much ahead isn’t really necessary? Tell us how you think :)

10th June 2017
Plans on a whiteboard

I’m already in the middle of planning ahead

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, I know, but life’s busy as an apprentice 🙂 I’m still glad all of you sticked around for so long and are still here with us! Now let’s get to the question. […]
25th December 2016
Plans on a whiteboard

I didn’t make plans in the past

As I received my graduation in 2014, I haven´t had a plan what I should do in my future. I unfortunately didn´t spent a lot of time during school thinking about what ´s next. Actually I focused my […]
15th December 2016

Things always change

I think there are many things that may happen before my graduation, more opportunities, things that can change my mind anytime so I don’t really like to think on the future already. Of course I think about it […]
13th December 2016
Seaside fun

I’m a spontaneous person

Actually I don’t know it exactly and I think planning too much isn’t really necessary because many things in life become different than imagined. My first step is to work at my travel agency Euro Lloyd in Ludwigsburg, […]
24th November 2016

I’m more of a spontaneous person I guess

I don’t prepare a lot in my life. I am that kind of person that tries to live in the present for most of time. Well, that’s not working in every situation, but mostly problems are getting solved […]
20th November 2016
Planning ahead

I don’t need to make plans yet

I’m just at the beginning of my training, therefore I don’t have any plans for after my training. I like to live in the moment, not thinking about my future. I mean, there can happen a lot in […]
4th November 2016
Pfad in die Zukunft

Planning isn’t really important for me

For me planning is not really necessary or important. I am at the beginning of the second year of the apprenticeship now and I think it would be too early to prepare something for the future. At the […]
17th October 2016

I’ve been planning since summer

I usually don’t think too much about the future, because planning too much ahead goes wrong sometimes. But since this summer, I’ve been getting worried about the choices I’ll have to make in the future, so I reached […]
11th October 2016
Chance - Change

I’ll either keep working or find a place to study

Hello everyone, I don’t really prepare myself for the time after my education, because I still don’t know how the situation in my agency will be when I finish my apprenticeship. I am just looking around because I […]
5th May 2016

I need a break before studying

Before I will go to university I want to visit another country for a few weeks or months. After them my plan is to go studying in Germany or another country, maybe Austria. But that depends on the […]
19th March 2016
ABC Cubes

I’m still in the middle of my apprenticeship

Hello everyone, up till now, I have not thought of the time after my education until yet. I have just arrived the second year of my three-year apprenticeship and I still have about the half in front of […]