Happy New Year everyone :) ! This month we’d like to hear about your New Year’s resolutions. What are your plans for this year? What are you aiming for? Tell us a bit about what’s on your mind.

2nd May 2017
Woman learning

I’m focusing on my apprenticeship

Hi everyone, I want to tell you something about my resolutions for this year. My apprenticeship has the highest priority because my upcoming final exams are in May. Till then, I have to focus on the stuff I […]
3rd March 2017

I want to travel as much as I can!

I’m not that kind of person to make myself new year’s resolutions, because I don´t like planning my future at the beginning of the year. But I am looking forward to face the new challenges and travel destinations […]
1st March 2017

I’d love to get good grades

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great start in the new year 2017! In my holidays I was skiing with 12 friends in Austria, we had a wonderful time with nearly 40 cm of snow. It […]
27th February 2017

Resolutions never really worked out for me

Hello everyone and welcome to 2017. I cannot believe 2016 is already over, that year went by incredibly fast, because many things happened in my life: I graduated from high school, I travelled to Thailand, I began my […]
20th February 2017

Lots of traveling ahead

2017 will be an exciting year for me. In July I will finish my apprenticeship so I’m looking forward to work at Euro Lloyd as a „real“ travel agent. Furthermore I have planned many journeys for this year. […]
17th February 2017
New Year's Fireworks

This year I want to get things done

Hey at all, happy (belated) new year to all of you! It’s funny to talk about new year’s resolutions. I think everyone is trying to form a “new myself” for the auspicious new year, telling themselves that this […]
30th January 2017
Neuschwanstein, Germany

I’d like to see more of Germany

Hi guys and a happy new year from me too! I have a lot of resolutions for this year but if I can observe them is another question. My first resolution goes completely wrong. My best friend and […]
16th January 2017
Plans for the future

Plans and resolutions

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season and managed to start the new year somewhat positively. I spent my holidays in East-Asia, having a lot of fun. As most other people, I also made some […]