Dear visitors,

we are happy you found your way to SkillDiary, a new project for Tourism and Marketing professionals on their way to the top. Below you’ll find some information about this project and the people behind. We wish you a lot of fun, whatever you’ll do on our sites.

▹ Initiator
The trainee project ‚SkillDiary‘ is an initiative of beejees.communication, who successfully trained assistants in marketing communications and digital media/ print designers of the past few years.

▹ Project idea
The project came to be by thinking about the difference between vocational training, like it’s practiced in Germany, and the situations in other countries. The project is not supposed to be an empirical baseline investigation, but more of a social platform for apprentices, trainees and students who are in a similar situation and want to share their experiences during their education.

▹ The project
The conditions of our project are not scientific and hence quite simple.

The apprentices and students will get to know each other and write their monthly reports on a moderated online blogging platform to broaden each other’s horizon and share their experiences.

Our trainee Robin Raymann is the moderator of the project and currently in his first year of education. He’s responsible for asking questions, collecting answers and keeping the project going by communicating with all associated parties.

The project is set for one year. The participation is completely voluntary. We’re aiming for an interesting, entertaining project that hopefully strengthens the relationships between our participants to get the best and most natural results. SkillDiary is an individual and unique platform, that has to be described very carefully in order to be able to fit it into an appropriate category. The number of participants right now is about 10 students and trainees and one professional from Zimbabwe / South Africa. He will tell about his education into job and hospitality business. If we can get interesting points of views from teachers and training instructors, we will post it in our feed.

To be able to compare the monthly reports, we are working with students and trainees in the areas of tourism and marketing.

▹ Current participants
beejees.communication gmbh (1 trainee)
Euro Lloyd Reisebüro, Stuttgart (4 trainees)
Students of Viseu University, Portugal (3 students)

▹ Community
We chose English as primary project language on, as the participants come from multiple countries.

▹ Project launch
The start of our project will be May 1st, 2016. The monthly reports are supposed to be written during holidays and vacations as well.

Participants that choose to join our project at a later point of time will also have to answer the preliminary questions during the remaining time of the project, to ensure a full portfolio for every participant. The questions are time-less and can thus be answered in this fashion.

Every participant can read, write, comment and ask further questions that can be discussed in our community.

▹ Project goals
Our goal is to keep our participants interested by making them see the beneficial value of our project. Additionally we’re aiming to create a networking tool for young trainees and students that might be able to help each other through professional work. On top of that we’d be very happy to also spike some interest with authorities, chambers and schools and maybe be able to create an impulse of change in the world of education.

Bernd Schray
Training superviser
beejees.communication gmbh
Im Schwenkrain 8
70376 Stuttgart